Supporting you to feel

Strong, Connected & Confident

We are a community support service that aims to provide people of all ages and abilities a safe place to explore their experience of themselves and their world.


How We Help

We provide therapeutic support to people of all ages and abilities.

Wattleseed Centre WA Art Therapy

Walking With You

Fully Qualified, Nationally Registered, NDIS Providers of Art Therapy and Counselling.

We walk alongside you as you explore your world and create new ways to master it.

Wattleseed Centre WA Art Therapy

Unique Support

We have a range of tools you can use to communicate your experience.

Choose your preferred way of exploring your experience. We can talk, play and create together.

Wattleseed Centre WA NDIS

We Listen

We are here for you so you feel heard and understood.

We support you to reach your goals and succeed in life.

Boy Playing with Blocks

Our Values





We walk alongside everyone and demonstrate respect for everyone's different ability.


We hold ourselves responsible for living our values, upholding our integrity and at all times work within the professional standards of our governing bodies.


We love our community and support others to engage in it with us.

Our Services

Choose your preferred way of exploring your experience.

Our services are fully funded by NDIS for individuals aged 7 years and over.


We also provide Counselling and Art Therapy to individuals, couples and families to access privately.

*Counselling and Art Therapy are not covered by Mental Health Care Plans.


Talking therapy where we explore your story and find new ways to respond to your challenges




Image making through painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and sand tray to express your experience and deepen your understanding of yourself and your world



Child Artist

Who We Help

We support children, teens, adults, couples and families.

Art Therapy and Counselling are a safe space to explore your experience of challenge caused by an intellectual, physical or psychological disability, grief and loss or conflict.

We help you find solutions so you heal and thrive.

Loving Son
We are professional practitioners who create a tailored therapeutic space, unique to your needs, so you can feel heard and understood.