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Our aims to provide a holistic service to people of all ages and abilities who would like to feel strong, connected and confident. 

Wattleseed Centre WA is owned and operated by our Principal Art Psychotherapist, Claire McWaters-Smith, who has over 25 years experience providing Art Therapy and Counselling people of all ages. Claire uses a Relational Therapy approach that supports you to feel heard and understood whilst finding your own solution to face your challenges with confidence and courage. 

Wattleseed Centre WA Midland and Fremantle locations are also private practice collectives where you will meet other holistic therapists who are trauma informed and relational in their approach. For more information about booking with one of the therapists, or to learn more about their unique approaches, click on their links and contact them directly.

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Our principal therapist

Wattleseed Centre WA ANZACATA

Claire McWaters-Smith (she/her)

Claire is a West Australian, country born person who has a strong connection to the strength and beauty found in the Australian landscape. Claire maintains her art practice and her love of country is particularly evident in her images.​ In order to heal from her own experience of trauma Claire cares for herself by creating meaningful connections with others, maintaining balanced nutrition and powerlifting.

Art Psychotherapist Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology

  • Post Graduate Diploma Counselling

  • Master of Arts Art Psychotherapy

  • Post Graduate Diploma Business

Trauma Focused Weightlifting Training

  • Somatic Psychotherapy

  • Trauma Informed Weightlifting

  • Certificate III Fitness


  • Working with people living with different abilities

  • Child and adolescent counselling 

  • Childhood trauma impacting adults

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

Contact Claire


Phone: 0433 420 706 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)


Alexander technique teacher

Sandra Dobbs (she/her)

Sandra has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 20 years, working with people individual or in groups to improve their co-ordination, well-being and reduce pain.  Sandra finds joy in movement, painting and being on the water or in the garden.  Sandra, studied as a professional actress in Exeter UK, and completed the 3 years training in The Alexander Technique in Melbourne.  Sandra participates in post-grad study in Australia and overseas. Sandra also works as part of the Acting and Performance - Foundations of Movement for the Actor team since 2016. Working with first year acting students.

Alexander Technique Registration

  • The Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


Contact Sandra



Angela Bitney.jpeg


Angela Bitney (she/her)

Angela is a warm and compassionate psychologist who is passionate about working with people across the lifespan. Angela combines a strong academic background with hands-on experience in providing therapeutic interventions for young minds. Employing evidence based practices grounded in psychodynamic and attachment theory, she is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space for children, adolescents, and adults to explore and understand their emotional landscapes.

Psychology Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology

  • Master of Psychology


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Grief

  • Life Adjustment

  • Interpersonal Difficulties

Contact Angela


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Lynn Joels (she/her)

Lynn has a passion for the health and wellbeing of children with it being at the heart of her professional life for 24 years. A fully qualified naturopath and healthcare professional, she has always worked with the goal of improving the lives of the people whom she has the privilege of working with. Seeing the positive impact of the integration of diet and eating habits, gut health and sleep routines on your little one’s mental health and wellbeing, makes her heart sing a happy song. Working with the whole family, Lynn provides day:day coping strategies and support on communicating - from managing meltdowns, to improving friendships and nurturing emotional skills. Lynn very much sees herself as one part of the broad healthcare team supporting your child, and works closely with the multidisciplinary team to ensure they get the best care. Lover of nature, fairies, and magic (who isn’t? ), Lynn is a self-confessed book worm and all-round health and wellness nerd.

Naturopathy Registration

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Association


  • Neurodiversity

  • Children's health

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