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Trauma Focused (TF) Weightlifting is a 12 week program that uses a Somatic Psychotherapy approach which combines talking therapy with body work. Somatic Psychotherapists understand that to heal from trauma we need to reconnect our body, mind and spirit. 

TF Weightlifting aims to support you to feel strong, connected and confident as you mentally and physically process your experience of trauma. TF Weightlifting activates your nervous, hormonal and muscular systems to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. You are supported to stay within your window of tolerance and guided to move with confidence. 


TF Weightlifting is a mindful practice that requires you to tune in, breathe and perform. 

The 12-week program includes 1:1 Gym sessions learning how to bench press, back squat and deadlift, a home movement program and support to strengthen your 4 pillars. For a foundation of wellbeing and overall sense of health we need to ensure we get to sleep and stay asleep, eat low fat, nutrient dense foods, move often and well, recognise and respond to stress effectively.

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Support in a private gym


12 1.5hour individual sessions with a Trauma Focused Weightlifting Psychotherapist.

A workbook to guide your healing process

To learn more and trial the program click below book your FREE initial session 


Michael’s Story

“I couldn’t remember the last time
I felt safe and happy”

49 year old Michael* worked for many years in the armed forces and then as a police officer. Michael presented himself to the world as strong, capable, and silent. Inside Michael felt depressed and anxious all the time, unable to sleep without night terrors and increasingly withdrawn from his young family.

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