Therapeutic Services

Wattleseed Centre WA is the safe place where you can explore your hopes and worries.

We walk alongside you guiding you to create your own ways to respond to life's challenges.

Discover your calm confidence.

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Art Therapy

Sometimes it is hard to describe our thoughts with words. 

Art Therapy is a way to explore your experience of yourself and your world through the use of image making.

You will be supported to create an image using your medium of choice including paint, clay, sand, pencils, charcoal and pastels.

The art making in itself can be very therapeutic and mindful. However, seeing your thoughts and feelings in an image can be quite revealing.

This allows you to see yourself and others differently and therefore gain a new perspective and find new ways to respond to your experience.



To finally say what you have been thinking to someone who is truly listening can be incredibly rewarding.

Counselling is a safe non-judgemental space where everything discussed is confidential.

Using a strength based, person centred approach your counsellor will support you to explore your experience of yourself and your world then find your own strategies to respond differently to the challenges.

You have a unique story. Everything that has happened to you and all the choices you have made have lead you to where you are today.

Where will you go tomorrow?

Art Class

Who We Help

Art Therapy and Counselling can be helpful for everyone. The choice of therapy is yours. 

Our therapies can support people living with:



Grief and Loss

Downs Syndrome

Substance Misuse

Acquired Brain Injury

Global Developmental Delay

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

...and many more

Psychologist's Office