Individual Counselling

We are all impacted by life's challenges and at times feel unsure how to be our best self. As adults there are a multitude of pressures and juggling our many roles can quickly become overwhelming.


Having your own space to explore your experience and identify positive ways to respond can be helpful.


Counselling is confidential, non-judgemental and supportive. Your time to explore how you can retain your identity, grieve the loss of important people and roles as well as build confidence in facing your challenges.


Wattleseed Centre WA provides a safe counselling service that allows you to explore your worldview, identify your skills and strengths to respond to challenge in a positive way and better understand yourself.


Some things are hard to say with words which is why at Wattleseed Centre WA we offer Art Therapy to support you to express your emotions and find your own strategies to feel confident again.


Wattleseed Centre WA can help you explore your experience with:

- Anger and Emotional Outbursts

- Relationship Separation

- Blending Families

- Parenting and Co-Parenting

- Empty Nest

- Reconnection with Partner

- Sadness and Loss

- Sexual Abuse (not currently under investigation)

- Family Violence

- Childhood Trauma

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Grief

- Substance Misuse

- Workplace Conflict

- Retirement


Wattleseed Centre WA provides free tip sheets that you will find helpful prior to your counselling session.

Head over to the resources page and DOWNLOAD & SHARE the tip sheets that interest you.

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