Wattleseed Centre WA is owned and operated by our Principal Psychotherapist, Claire McWaters-Smith, who has over 25 years experience counselling people of all ages. Claire uses a Relational Therapy approach that supports you to feel heard and understood whilst finding your own solution to face your challenges with confidence and courage. 


Claire's specialties include: 

- Child and adolescent counselling 

- Childhood trauma impacting adults

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Grief

- Loss

- Substance misuse

- Post traumatic stress disorder

- Relationship separation

- Family conflict

- Parent and child counselling


- Bachelor of Arts - Psychology - E.C.U

- Post Graduate Diploma - Counselling - E.C.U

- Master of Arts - Art Psychotherapy - E.C.U

- Post Graduate Diploma - Business - S.C.U


A professional member of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association. - ANZACATA


A member of the Advisory Board of the E.C.U. Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy, ensuring the high caliber of future Counsellors and Psychotherapists. 

A Bit More About Claire

Claire is a West Australian, country born person who has a strong connection to the strength and beauty found in the Australian landscape. Claire maintains her art practice and her love of country is particularly evident in her images.

As a mother of three and partnered for over 20 years Claire has a keen knowledge of the need to remain in tune with our own sense of self and not lose that in the relationships and roles that we identify with.

Two things spurred Claire into a career as a Psychotherapist. Firstly, being kicked out of every art school in WA for not doing the curriculum and secondly losing the person she most relied on at the age of 22.


Making a commitment to developing her own resilience, and essentially growing up quickly, put her in good stead to become the empathic, relatable, intelligent person who will walk alongside you as you explore your experience of the joy and pain in living a life.